Babies Are Born Into Ketosis & Thrive!
You will hear some people, even scientists who study nutrition, say that ketosis is not a normal state for the body, that it is somehow unusual, or extraordinary and only an adaptation for “emergencies” that our body goes into. I have to say that we disagree.


There is vast amount of evidence proving that a ketogenic diet is normal and very much desirable, but one that smacks you right in the face is the fact that newborn babies are in ketosis from the start. Even with the moderate amount of sugar that is contained in breast milk, breastfeeding is very much ketogenic. We all know that the first part of a baby’s life is fundamental in its development. This is when the brain growth is happening extensively and the needs the most “fuel” possible. Even though the composition of breast milk is affected by diet it’s always remained very much ketogenic in nature. This would make since as we have evolved to make sure that our offspring get the best possible source of nutrition for the best chances of survival.

The brain in general, although small relative to the rest of our bodies, consumes a considerable percentage of our body’s energy to grow. At birth when our brains are literally at our highest rate of growth our source of food is obviously going to be as close to what nature intended and ketones are used to fuel that growth.

This suggests that our learning and development is highly supported by ketogenic metabolism. This is also consistent with the capability of a ketosis diet to dramatically help with a wide variety of what would seem to be unrelated brain disorders and trauma.

To Sum It Up

Newborns are in ketosis and this is their normal state of being.
Breastfeeding is predominantly ketogenic (especially when equated to formula feeding).
Breastfeeding for a longer period (up to a point) is linked with better health outcomes.
This leads one to think that going onto a ketosis diet plan would be much healthier than moving into a high carbohydrate diet
Breastfeeding is ketogenic

In the 20th century we’ve been very much influenced by the discovery of micro-nutrients. Ever since this discovery we have been trying to unlock the secret of why breast milk is considered so much healthier for children. The most glaring difference between babies who are breastfed and those who drink formula is that they are in a much deeper state of ketosis. To be honest we haven’t cracked the code as to why. It could be related to the properties of the breast milk itself or maybe it’s even related to the feeding cycles. Either way the fact remains that breastfeeding is proven to be more ketogenic. This could mean that reason breastfeeding is linked with better health is partly due to the fact that the babies remain in a state of ketosis for a much longer period than babies that are weaned.

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