The New Age Called Ketopia
Ketopia is brand new patented technology based on sound science taking us back to our most natural state of being. We are born into a state of Ketosis and before we entered the age of processed foods high in carbs and sugars our ancestors remained in a state of ketosis which allowed them to live in optimal metabolic health. As you can see we have migrated away from this state of being as our brothers and sisters of the world continue to gain weight and health issues at a never before seen rate.

What is Nutritional Ketosis?
My blog post “The Ketosis Diet Plan” goes into much greater detail about Ketosis, what it is, how you achieve it, and its health benefits. To simply sum it up, being in ketosis means that your body is burning your fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates. So what does that really mean for our health? Well first off when your body burns fat it actually gets 300% more energy than from carbohydrates. So you can expect to have much higher natural energy levels and not have to worry about crashing mid-day. Secondly when fat is your bodies fuel source it no longer stores up excess fat in those pesky places we wish it didn’t. Lastly an obvious and very much desired outcome of your body using fat as it’s fuel source is that people in a state of Ketosis will lose weight fast, natural, and in an extremely healthy manner.

Why Not Just Get Into Ketosis On My Own?
Well the bottom line is that if it was easy to get into nutritional ketosis then everyone would do it. Typically, without days of strict fasting or adhering to unrealistic diet plans, our bodies are not able to reach ketosis and reap the benefits it provides. So basically ketopia – science – ketosis – diet plan mokunless you’re locked away like a monk and have serious discipline nutritional ketosis is believed to be out of reach for the majority of people. READ MORE

Why Ketopia Is Changing The Game…
The days of having to devote every waking moment of your day, your diet regiment, and your time to get your body into a state of nutritional ketosis is finally over! Ketopia is more than a diet plan it truly is a lifestyle and it can get your body into nutritional ketosis in hours not days. Ketopia is a way of life that features a 10 day weight management jump start program. It is made up of three main products, including KetonX™, Dough Bites™, and FIXX®. (These products launch on July 10th be sure to see my blog and video reviews coming soon)

Ketopia is way more than a diet or weight loss plan. As we all know that health is a habit, not an event, Ketopia is about developing habits that combine to generate a lifestyle of truly optimal health. With Ketopia, it is convenient, delicious, and truly electrifying to regain control of your total body wellness.

A True Scientific Innovation

A very recent scientific discovery proved that the body can begin to convert to a state of nutritional ketosis in just hours when the exact ratios of natural ingredients are consumed. This breakthrough means so much more than just weight loss. If you talk to leading scientists they believe the ketosis lifestyle will ketopia – science – ketosis – diet planbe the height of health and well being. The ingredients in KetonX feature patent-pending technology that was discovered over years of research by leading scientists. It is scientifically acknowledged and absolutely safe.

What makes this even more exciting is that ForeverGreen has been granted the exclusive license in the US, Canada, and even a worldwide license to bring this technology into the world first in modern times.

Not Just Hype We Have Proof
You no longer have to “believe” that our products are working for you or not. Remember if you read my blog on “The Ketosis Diet Plan” it showed you that you can scientifically measure the amount of ketones in your system to show whether you are in a state of ketosis or not. So Ketopia takes the guess work out of knowing whether you are in a state of nutritional ketosis or not. They’ve developed a “tool” that comes with the Ketopia system called Ketostix™. This will allow you to test the level of ketones in your system that shows your level of nutritional ketosis. Literally the proof is in the package! There’s not waiting game for this product to start working. Literally you can see the proof in just hours after taking KetonX by using these Ketostix (just add urine :).

Ketopia is a Lifestyle, Not a Diet
We all know that people in general usually don’t succeed at dieting. It takes way too long to see meaningful results, requires a strict regimen of food preparation, discipline, and not to mention the cost. Most diet plans out on the market are expensive, aren’t something you enjoy eating/drinking, and ultimately don’t give you the support you need to be triumphant. Diets will typically be unhealthy in nature, stealing life and energy from your future.

Ketopia provides an easy system that tells you exactly how to achieve nutritional ketosis.
You won’t feel starved and weak!
Getting yourself in nutritional ketosis means you have little to no hunger, meaning you can be in control of what and when you eat, not just be compulsive eater.
Energy doesn’t lie. You’ll know when you’re there and we have the proof to back it up!

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