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Getting your body into a state of Ketosis basically means that your body will burn fat at an unprecedented rate. Historically this took nearly a week of a strict diet, detox, or days fasting to get into optimal ketosis, but not anymore. Not only does fat offer your body 300% more energy than carbs/sugars when your body starts to use this as a fuel source you start literally dropping fat weight like never before seen. So in this article we’ll talk about What Is Ketosis, how your body gets into this state, the science behind it, and a brand new technology that shortcuts the timeline and supercharges your results.
What Is Ketosis?
Ketosis is a natural state of being that we are actually all born into as babies. It truly the ideal state of a healthy body It is when your body starts to burn your fat at an extremely high rate. Most don’t know that our brain runs on fats, via ketone bodies. These are energy molecules that we have in our blood (similar to blood sugar) which will fuel our brains after they have been converted from fat by our livers. The image below represents a typical diet which will cause weight loss by removing fat, water, and muscle vs being in optimal ketosis which will show weight loss by burning the bodies fat.

How can you get your body into Ketosis?
Previously before a brand new patented technology called Ketopia getting your body into optimal Ketosis was nearly impossible for the average person. What’s needed is for your body to start ketone production at much higher rates than normal. This could only be achieved by having a very low amount of insulin in your blood. Insulin is basically derived from carbs and sugars. The lower your insulin levels the higher your ketone levels. Historically the only way to get your body into Optimal Ketosis would be to completely remove carbs from your diet and go through detox process lasting 4 + days. This approach is so difficult that traditionally only the most stringent diets and fasting techniques would work so the average person was left behind. Now however with Ketopia science has figured out how the average person can get their body into a state of Ketosis in 3-4 hours rather than 3-4+ days. Ready more about Ketopa in my other blog post.

This Video Explains How To Get Into Ketosis In Hours Not Days!

How to measure whether your body is in Ketosis
The great thing about a “Ketosis Diet Plan” is that is is something you can scientifically prove. Remember the level of Ketones in your body will dictate how much or little your body is using fat as it’s energy source vs carbs and sugars. The cool thing about a Ketosis Diet Plan is that you can simply measure the level of Ketones in your body by testing yourself via a urine stick. That’s right all you have to do is get a “ketone stick” take it to the restroom with you and you can tell the level of Ketones in your system.

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