Raspberry ketone

A highly viewed daytime talk show recently popularized the use of raspberry ketone supplements for the purpose of weight loss. Raspberry ketone is a naturally occurring substance and is classified as safe by the FDA. Found is raspberries and other fruits at very small levels, this ketone has been used in the past to add aroma to cosmetics and add flavor to certain foods. Though found in natural sources, the ketone can also be synthetically produced.

The most effective way to obtain the levels of raspberry ketone necessary for health benefits is through the use of supplements. Though the ketone can be found in fruits, it is only seen in small levels naturally. The recent news that raspberry ketone may aid with weight loss refers to the amounts found in supplements. It would be incredibly difficult to obtain such amounts through simply ingesting raspberries. In fact, the process for obtaining the amounts found in supplements is complex and requires industrial preparation.

The interest surrounding raspberry ketone supplements has been a result of several recent scientific studies. Raspberry ketone may stimulate the release of a hormone called adiponectin, which is found in fatty tissue. This hormone is found in fatty tissue and improves insulin sensitivity, thereby improving the body’s ability to metabolize fat. In theory, this will aid in promoting weight loss.

Several recent scientific studies have offered proof this claim is true. A 2010 study found male subjects on a high-fat diet that were also given a raspberry ketone supplement secreted elevated levels of adiponectin, increased metabolism of fatty acids, and had less fat storage. A similar study conducted in 2005 provided subjects with six weeks of a high fat diet followed by five weeks of the same diet with a dose of raspberry ketone supplement. The supplement not only prevented weight gain, but also reduced fat around the liver and lowered triglyceride levels, both of which are negative effects associated with a high-fat diet.

In addition to weight loss, topical application of raspberry ketone has shown increased hair growth in balding men and improved skin elasticity in women, further evidence to support the powers of this natural substance.

Though exhaustive clinical studies have yet to be performed, the raspberry ketone supplement has shown few, if any, negative side effects and is considered safe. It may be able to provide the boost of weight loss that so many people struggle to find. Many who have tried the supplement can attest to the truth of the beneficial claims. Of course, any weight loss benefits associated with the supplement will only increase with a healthy diet and moderate exercise.

Perhaps the only downside of the recent popularity of the raspberry ketone is the difficulty many consumers have faced in finding the product. Stores have struggled to keep the supplement on shelves since it was popularized on national television. However, raspberry ketone supplements can be obtained online.

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