Daily Exercise and What You Eat

It is recommended by experts to get at least 10 minutes of exercise a day if you are trying to lose weight. A report on the local news about how exercise effects weight loss, followed a man that stated that he would eat the same diet he had been eating his whole life, but walk thirty minutes a day to attempt to lose weight. Another women said she would not exercise but would eat a calorie restricted diet. After three months the researchers checked the man to see if he had lost any weight, he was in great shape, but had about the same body weight three months ago. The women had lost over 10 pounds, even though she did not work out, all she did was change her eating habits. The point is, if you plan to exercise but you do not plan to change your eating habits, you will get into good shape but most likely not lose any weight. If you do both dieting and exercise, you will get to your goals faster than you thought possible!

Most people, like myself, are always worrying that they will gain more and more weight and get fatter and fatter. More than half of all young girls in American are trying to lose weight. Diet and generally too much food is  usually the problem and it also affects the men. Depression and doubting of yourself can cause the problems of  bad eating habits, like skipping meals. Just make sure that you eat regularly but be aware of what you eat, how will this food benefit me? Remember it is better to cut down on your meals than skip your meal entirely. Studies show you should eat at least five meals a day to stay balanced.

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